Chrome Buddy

Chrome Buddy

Using advanced hybrid paint & plating systems


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Why Use Chrome Buddy?
Chrome buddy uses an advanced hybrid paint & plating system that produces a chrome like appearance on any sub straight surface. Our system makes it possible to create an upmarket look as a the best alternative when conventional plating technologies are unsuitable due to high costs, quantity, design or substrate surfaces. Chrome Buddy’s protective top coat meets many OEM automotive paint standards & is the only one of its kind that is guaranteed not to yellow from the sun. A good paint job completed using our technology affords protection to metal surfaces that will withstand scratches and chips. Our products are environmentally friendlier then traditional electroplating.

Chrome buddy Car mirror cover (146)
Chrome buddy Car mirror cover (95)
gold cover for nissan

What is Chrome Painting?

Chrome painting is more like detailing than regular painting. It is designed to uses a chemical process to produce a chrome, mirror-like finish when applied to various surfaces.